Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion refresh the blues genre with mostly self penned material, hugely original arrangements, virtuosic playing and, of course, Zoe Schwarz’s majestic vocal sweep and interpretive ability.

  • Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

    Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion “is truly independent and original band at the cutting edge of the British blues scene. The whole band, in its entirety, creates a luxurious and irresistible sound, displaying great skills and artistic finesse. Zoe Schwarz’ dynamic and commanding vocal delivery is both eclectic and suave at the same time; just like a chameleon, one part Janis Joplin, one Billie Holiday, and one Nina Simone”.

    The band’s exciting live set is based around rootsy originals; featuring strong catchy riffs, interesting arrangements and exciting grooves featuring Rob Koral's electrifying, and unmistakable touch and flow on guitar. The highly accomplished rhythm section of Pete Whittaker-Hammond organ and Paul Robinson-drums (Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Paul McCartney to name a few) bring massive authority and the ability to push the music in unpredictable and exciting directions.

    Zoë Schwarz Blue Commotion have made a considerable impact these last five years, and is one of the bands that have added a fresh approach and vibrancy to the UK blues scene.

    “A great band. Terrific musicians, all four of them, very very nice indeed” - Paul Jones Rhythm & Blues, BBC Radio 2

    “Innovative spark, virtuoso playing and a dare-devil attitude” - Pete Feenstra - Get Ready To Rock, Feb 2017

    “When it comes to sexy and sassy Zoe hits it out of the park” - Andy Sniper, Intl music news, April 2017

    Band Biography

    The first Blue Commotion gig in February 2012 was a culmination of a ten-year musical partnership between Zoë Schwarz and guitarist Rob Koral. Through their intense musical journey and compatible desire, they developed a perfect collaboration and empathy, which, when analysed, comes from two completely different starting points. Because of this melting pot of musical diversity, there is a depth and uniqueness to the band's music, which is hard to pigeonhole and categorise.

    Into the mix comes the sheer virtuosity of each of the band members who are allowed the freedom to express their musical authority, and stamp their own personal magic to the song writing of Zoë and Rob. A testament to this chemistry is the sheer volume of music coming out of the band, and ’This Is The Life I Choose' is the band’s sixth album in five years.

    Zoë 's unique, yearning vocal style is blended with Rob's ability to come up with catchy vibrant riffs and musical arrangements, which stretch the term 'blues' and keep it moving forward so as to be relevant for our current times. There is no ridged musical template for Blue Commotion, the only stipulation is that it feels good, tastes good and sounds good. The band pride themselves on filling their 'live' and album sets with original music.

    During this five-year period the band has covered an enormous amount of ground and received over-whelming critical acclaim, with a growing and steady stream of festivals and club dates through 2017 and beyond.

    “Musicians of great artistic finesse” - Gio Pilato, Blue bird Reviews, Intl blog, May 2017

    "Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion is a British band with a powerhouse vocalist, electrifying guitarist, amazing Hammond organist” - Rhetta Akammatsu, Making A Scene USA, 2017

    “One part Billie Holiday, one Janis Joplin, and one Nina Simone, Zoe Schwarz vocal lexicon, eclectic and suave.” - Gio Pilato, Blue bird Reviews, Intl blog, May 2017

    "Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion brought a different level of class to the main stage; lovely fluid guitar from Rob Koral & Zoe's powerful, impassioned vocal” - Moray Stuart, Blues In Britain, Sept 2016, Ealing Blues Festival

    “A truly superb band” - Andy Sniper, Intl music news, April 2017

    “Drummer Paul Robinson has a history few would grasp, including long stints with Nina Simone and Van Morrison” - Andy Sniper, Intl music news, April 2017

    “Bad ass bitch of a lead singer ... you want to follow her around the world”Graham Henries, Australian Blues & Roots, May 2017

    “’This Is The Life I Choose’ is the ideal representation of what music, and the concept of making music, should be all about” - Gio Pilato, Blue bird Reviews, Intl blog, May 2017

    "Their exemplary song writing skills coupled with outstanding performance, puts them at the very edge of triumph on the world blues scene.” - Ian McKenzie, Blues In The South, UK 2015

    "Zoë, once again proving that there is not a better female blues singer in the UK and probably far beyond.” - Dave Scott, Blues In Britain, June 2015

    “Over the past five or six years a quiet revolution, or rather evolution, has been taking place on the south coast of England. The rise of BLUE COMMOTION is nothing short of phenomenal, with all six musicians contributing to high quality, original and inventive blues.” - David Scott, The Bishop – Blues Matters

    ‘Eye catching vocals meet sumptuous guitar’Guitarist Magazine, Jan 2012

    “It is impossible to compare Zoe’s voice with anyone else on the blues and jazz scene, past and present, because it is quite simply unique in terms of range, pitch and timing.” - The Bishop (David J. Scott) – for Blues Matters and Blues Revue ezine Blueswax May 2012


    Past Dates Include:

    Ronnie Scott's, London
    The 606 London,
    The Guildhall, Lichfield,
    Pizza Express Dean Street, Soho
    Newark Blues Festival
    Broadstairs Blues Bash
    Bowness Bay Festival
    Talking Heads Southampton
    Rye Jazz and Blues festival
    Upton Blues Festival
    The Exchange Theatre, Sturminster Newton
    Uckfield Blues Festival
    Hebden Blues Festival
    The Concorde Club, Eastleigh
    100 Club, Oxford st., London
    The Tunnels, Bristol
    Tenby Blues festival
    Blues On The Farm, Chichester
    Scarborough Blues Festival
    The Lighthouse, Poole
    The Great British Rock and Blues Festival, Skegness
    Keighley Blues Club,
    Teignmouth music festival
    North Devon Arts festival, Barnstaple
    Swanage Blues festival,
    The Regent Centre Theatre, Christchurch,
    The Eel Pie blues club, Twickenham
    The Maltings, Farnham, Surrey
    Stompin On the Quomps festival, Christchurch
    Bridport Arts centre,
    Isle of Wight blues festival
    Tivoli Theatre, Wimborne
    Spice of Life, London
    Dorchester Arts Centre, Dorset
    The Borough Blues Club, Pontypool
    The Beaverwood, Chislehurst
    Pizza Express Dean Street, London
    Marlborough Jazz and Blues Festival
    Big Wheel Blues Festival, Isle Of Mann

    Ealing Blues Festival, London

    Half Moon Putney, London
    Czech Republic Tour
    Broadstairs Blues Bash, Kent
    The Stables, Wavendon
    Electric Palace, Harwich
    Frome Blues Festival, Somerset
    St. Ives Blues Festival, Cornwal
    Saltburn Blues Club
    Roots Around The World, Chichester
    Boom Boom Club, Sutton
    Poole Blues Festival
    Stompin' On The Quomps festival, Christchurch
    The New Crawdaddy Club, Billericay