The Blues And I Should Have A Party - Official Promo Sampler

'Way Down In The Caves' - official promo

‘The Blues And I Should Have A Party’ Title Track - official promo

ZSBC - the recording of 'Feeling Good’ on Oct 2016

This Is The Life I Choose



Angel Of Mercy

The official 'EXPOSED' Promo video

Official Promo video for 'Exposed', third album for ZOE SCHWARZ BLUE COMMOTION released Sept 2014, on 33 Records Cat: 33WM150 Distribution through Proper Note

Let Me Sing The Blues

Let Me Sing The Blues, a track from the album EXPOSED. Collage produced for Youtube by Carl Chamberlain.

The Blues Don't Scare Me - Official Video

Official Promo video for 'The Blues Don't Scare Me', second album for ZOE SCHWARZ BLUE COMMOTION recorded July 2013, Released on 33 Records Cat: 33WM148

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion - A Short Film

This was produced by the seventh member of our team, Mike Hallett. It gives a good flavour of what this band is about and comes on the back of the GOOD TIMES album. Would like to also thank Ian Ellis and Andy Urquhart who contributed horns on 3 tracks. Musicians include Pete Whittaker, Paul Robinson, Rob Koral, Rodney Teague, Si Genaro.

An Introduction to Blue Commotion (filmed 2012)

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion, First short film. recorded at the time of the release of Good Times. This tells a little of the story and gives a sample of the music, and the recording process.

The Beatitudes

An original song by Rob Koral and Zoe Schwarz (words sourced from the Bible).

This track features the regular line-up of Rob Koral - guitar, Zoe Schwarz -- vocals, Pete Whittaker -- Hammond-organ, Si Genaro -- Harmonica, Rodney Teague - bass and Paul Robinson - drums.

*Produced by Rob Koral and Mike Hallett @ Octopia
** The extended 'album' version of the song also appears on the 'Good Times' Album (33jazz227)

Take Me Back

Take Me Back, Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion. Original song by Rob Koral (guitar) and Zoe Schwarz, Pete Whittaker - Hammond organ, Paul Robinson - drums, Rodney Teague - bass, Si Genaro - BV's and Harmonica. Video by Mike Hallett. Mixing by Rob Koral and Mike Hallet. This track is taken from the Good Times album. 33jazz227